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VMC Pole

The VMC Pole™ is a rotating and lowering counter balanced cantilevered pole. It can be rotated from over the carriageway and then lowered into the verge for safe maintenance of equipment.

  • Contemporary and functional design
  • Reduced equipment maintenance costs
  • Safe ground level access to the mounted equipment
  • Failsafe operating procedure (cannot be lowered into the highway)
  • Multiple Applications - Matrix Signs, CCTV, Tolling, ANPR
  • Bespoke lengths & heights available on request
Crown Internationals VMC Pole

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The VMC Pole™ is a rotating and lowering  cantilevered motorway pole. Supporting sign or surveillance equipment it is mounted by the side of the road. The pole can be rotated off carriageway and then lowered for access to the equipment mounted on it to allow for repairs and regular maintenance.

It delivers significant cost savings over fixed posts, removing the need for lane possession and additional safety and access equipment when maintenance is required. The new and innovative design has already won three industry awards.  The pole’s first implementation is on a managed motorway scheme in the UK, holding reduced size MS4 variable message motorway signs.

The inbuilt safety features ensure the pole must be fully rotated before the lowering mechanism can be driven, removing the risk of it being inadvertently lowered over the carriageway.

Designed to fulfil a number of functions the VMC Pole™ is currently used for mounting VMS (variable message sign) equipment as well as traffic monitoring and enforcement equipment over highways. However the design is not just for use with motorway signs, it can be extended to other applications and can be both upscaled and downscaled depending on need.

VMC Pole Operation Guide

Illustration shows the transition from the operation position to the maintenance position.

Crown International's VMC Pole Operation Motion

  1. Unlock the pole
  2. Release rotation locking pin
  3. Wind the handle to rotate the pole
  4. Once the pole has rotate through a minimum of 90 degrees the lowering locking bar will be able to be released (the pole has been designed so that it is not possible to release this handle until the pole has rotated a minimum of 90 degrees)
  5. Release the lowering locking bar, once this is released the pole can now be lowered
  6. Wind the lowering handle to lower the arm to ground level
  7. Lock the arm in the desired position (can be locked at any height)
  8. Maintain your equipment
  9. Unlock the arm again and wind the arm back up into position
  10. Engage the lowering locking bar (this can only be engage when the arm is in its up most position and until it is engaged the pole will not rotate back over the road)
  11. Ones the pole is back over the road the rotation locking pin can be engaged
  12. The pole can now be locked

VMC Pole Video

This quick video shows the VMC Pole in action and demonstrates how it works. 

Highway Industry Awards

Intertraffic, Innovation Award within Infrastructure
CIHT (Chartered Institute of Highways & Transport), Innovation Award
Highways Magazine, Highway Industry Product of the Year

VMC Pole Images