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Spending Review

Transport Spending Review – Reaction

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Last Wednesday the Government formally announced its spending plans over the next 5 years. As widely reported some £80bn will come out of public spending by 2015, made up partly in real cash reductions in spend and no allowance for inflation increases.

For transport, some £800m will come out in cash terms over the period with the majority of savings being found in the resource – maintenance and operation – budget. The capital spend element remains largely flat at around £7.5bn.

Of key significance for Crown are the decisions to proceed with Managed Motorway Schemes on the M4/M5, M62 and the M1. We believe that the savings offered by using the VMC  Pole provide the platform for enabling operational and management cost savings.

Also of interest is the decision to go-ahead with plans for Cross Rail. With the changes envisaged, Crown gantry and cess systems can provide the same solution that they did for the West Coast Line Upgrade.

Despite the gloomy outlook from some quarters the changes that the spending cuts will bring about will create opportunities for companies who can supply creative solutions and innovative designs. We believe that Crown with the VMC Pole having already proven itself on the M4 in Wales, is ideally placed to take advantage of these changes.