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Crown International VMC Pole Training

Traffic Wales Commence Training on New Crown VMC and Slip Road Motorway Poles

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Crown International have started the training program for Traffic Wales staff on the new VMC and Slip Road Poles that have recently been installed on the M4 motorway. The first batch of trainees have been introduced to the the new products, they have been shown in detail how to operate and maintain the two types of motorway pole.

The VMC Pole and the Slip Road Pole are two new products from Crown International that have only recently been implemented on the M4 motorway, there are 27 VMC Poles and 8 Slip Road Poles between junction 24 and 28.

The VMC Pole is a brand new design of motorway pole that has been engineered to hold variable message signs above the carriageway whilst still allowing safe and easy access to the sign for maintenance or repair at ground level. The pole does this by rotating away from above the motorway and then lowering down to ground level in the verge. This allows the traffic to continue to flow with no traffic management, eliminating disruption to a busy motorway.