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Seasonal Adjustable Solar Panel Frame

Solar Panel Mounting Frames

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Crown have finalised the commercial agreement with Mole Valley Farmers which will see the Crown International Ltd seasonally adjustable solar panel frames marketed through Mole Valley Farmers in the South West.

This agreement follows on from several months of collaboration between both organisations which included supplying prototypes and a mark 2 version to Mole Valley Farmers’ test site in Somerset. The learning gained from this work has been used to develop an improved mark 3 version which has been engineered to ease manufacture and reduce price to the customer.

The design has ensured that the frame is both easy to install and mount the solar panels onto as well as being simple to operate.

Seasonal adjustability is believed to provide as much as a 20% increase in yield from solar panels, significantly improving returns. The Crown International Ltd frame is simple to use and install.