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Smart Pole

The Smart Pole™ offers a modern option for fixed enforcement equipment such as speed cameras or ANPR. It enables quick and effortless access to the device at ground level.

  • Custom contemporary design, to fit your equipment and brand
  • No ladders required
  • Full ground level access to system
  • 15 year anticorrosion warranty
  • Reduced vandalism opportunities
  • High security MUL-T-LOCK locking mechanism & keys
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO9001 standards to ensure quality and reliability
Crown Internationals Redflex Smart Pole

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These Smart Pole designs have adopted the visual language of contemporary street furniture. They are the next generation of roadside health and safety equipment. By keeping the renowned counter-balanced Crown Pole™ system and improving on its vandal protection, a quality product has been produced. The unique ability to lower the client’s equipment to ground level makes the Crown Smart Pole™ the only choice for low cost and safe maintenance.

Operation Guide

  1. Unlock the Smart Pole’s main door using the 8mm security alan key and the multi-lock key
  2. Open the door
  3. Remove the lowering handle from inside the door
  4. Hook the handle into its corresponding location hole in the “throat section”
  5. Slowly pull the “throat” down to its lowest position
  6. Slide the lowest end of the handle in the corresponding location hole at the base of the pole and secure
  7. Ground level access is now available to the unit
  8. Each variation of Smart Pole will have different procedure to gain access to there individual unit, such as slide trays or rotation trays to gain the desired access to the equipment
  9. To re-secure the unit reverse the above steps

Smart Pole Range

Crown International have spent the last two years developing their innovative new range of Crown SmartPole™ products. They work closely with each specific client to ensure that their bespoke design meets their aspirations both aesthetically and technically. Listed below is the current range of Smart Poles.

PTZ - Showing Dual Platform Feature

M1 Contract

Crown International wins motorway contract A Bristol manufacturer is celebrating after securing a contract to supply roadside poles for a stretch of Smart Motorway on the M1. Portishead based Crown International designs and manufactures safety equipment, primarily for the transportation sector. The contract with Simulation Systems Limited is significant and will see... (Read More)

Crown Internationals Redflex Smart Pole

Redflex Smart Pole

During the launch of the Smart Pole™ range at Crown’s first Traffex exhibition in 2007 Redflex expressed a keen interest in the new design pole, its many benefits both to its clients & engineers. Immediately following the exhibition in 2007 Crown set to work on a bespoke Redflex speed camera... (Read More)

Crown Internationals Jenoptik Robot Domestic Smart Pole

Robot Domestic Smart Pole

Working alongside Robot we have developed two Smart Pole™  (Easy Pole) designs for both domestic & international markets. (See Robot International Smart Pole) This domestic version of the Robot Smart Pole is the slimmer of the two poles as it contains less internal speed enforcement equipment. Prototype domestic type poles have... (Read More)

Crown Internationals Jenoptik Robot International Smart Pole

Robot International Smart Pole

Working alongside Robot Visual Systems (now Jenoptik) we are currently developing two Smart Pole™ (Easy Poles) designs for both domestic and international speed camera markets. (See Robot Domestic Smart Pole). The international pole is the bigger of the two poles as it holds more speed enforcement equipment, it  has been taken... (Read More)

Crown Internationals GATSO Serco Smart Pole

GATSO Serco Smart Pole

With many successful years in the UK camera market Gatso have been a dominant leader in the UK with many thousands of conventional Crown Pole™ speed camera installations. UK Home Office approval of the Gatso digital camera system late in 2007 Serco (Gatso’s UK distributors) were extremely keen for Crown... (Read More)

Crown Internationals Truvelo Smart Pole

Truvelo Smart Pole

Crown International have been working with Truvelo for many years and have many hundreds of successful speed camera installations with the original Crown Pole™ in the UK. Truvelo had a new “D-Cam” family of digital technology speed and red-light and mobile cameras that needed a roadside housing. They were impressed... (Read More)