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Crown International are the world leaders in their field of engineering, designing and manufacturing products for most of the big names in the industry.

Crown International have a wide variety of products suitable for multiple applications, take a look at the current range.

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Crown Internationals VMC Pole


CIHT Award

Intertraffic Innovation Award


Crown International have a large client base in a wide rage of fields, these include:

siemens Balfour Beatty Atkins Gatsometer Network Rail Redflex Serco Jenoptik Red Speed Truvelo

Crown PTZ Dual Unit enabled CCTV Mast

Crown International’s Variable Height Dual Unit Enabled PTZ Mast has been designed and built as an improvement on existing PTZ platforms combining true single operation, an in-board braking system, integrated cable management and the capability of mounting additional equipment to support lane monitoring cameras. The design has several unique features... (Read More)

VMC Poles Installed on the M4

Clean air collaboration

We’re pleased to confirm that Crown has developed a CleanAir solution that removes NOx from the air in road-side settings. With stringent Government pollution-reduction targets and growing concerns about the health implications of a variety of vehicle-generated emissions driving policy across the country, we’re excited by the potential of a range of... (Read More)

Crown launches Autonomous Pole

Crown International launches Autonomous Pole, customisable for variety of Smart Cities applications from road-side vehicle charging to NOx traffic emissions reduction... (Read More)

Crown launches double EV Charge Point

Smart city road and rail safety manufacturer, Crown International, launches its latest cost-saving innovation, a double EV Charge Point offering a seamless kerb-side installation and rapid charging experience to drivers, with the added capability of filtering NOx from the environment – at Traffex Seeing is Believing show, 27-28 June (main... (Read More)

Electric Vehicles

Crown showcases clean air innovations at Highways UK

Crown International exhibits clean air technologies - Double Electric Vehicle Charge Point and NOx reduction filter - at Highways UK 2018... (Read More)

Crown ‘Clean Air’

Crown’s Clean Air range offers both research-backed, customisable air filters that actively remove NOx from the air and a range of EV Charging systems the provide a cost-effective vehicle charging solution for councils – facilitating greater uptake of electric vehicles that will eventually drive more-polluting vehicles off the road. At Crown International, we are... (Read More)

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charging

It is estimated that 100,000 electric vehicle charging points will be needed to cope with the 1 million electric vehicles expected to be on the road by 2020. However, the availability of rapid-charging stations is extremely limited around the country, presenting the single, biggest hurdle to mass electric vehicle adoption.... (Read More)

NOx Filters

Crown Clean Air NOx filters The Crown Clean Air NOx Filter removes up to 80% of NOx from the atmosphere and is designed  to be cost-effective to install for local councils. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different environments and applications, the filters can be deployed as a standalone... (Read More)

Crown Internationals VMC Pole

VMC Pole

The VMC Pole™ is a rotating and lowering  cantilevered motorway pole. Supporting sign or surveillance equipment it is mounted by the side of the road. The pole can be rotated off carriageway and then lowered for access to the equipment mounted on it to allow for repairs and regular maintenance.... (Read More)

Crown Internationals Redflex Smart Pole

Smart Pole

These Smart Pole designs have adopted the visual language of contemporary street furniture. They are the next generation of roadside health and safety equipment. By keeping the renowned counter-balanced Crown Pole™ system and improving on its vandal protection, a quality product has been produced. The unique ability to lower the... (Read More)

CCTV Poles

CCTV Poles

Fixed and Hinged (Tilt Over) CCTV Poles The CCTV Poles are available in both a fixed and hinged (tilt over) configuration, they also come in a range of standard heights though they can be produced to your specification on request. All the CCTV Poles are fitted with the standard 101.6 PCD CCTV... (Read More)

CEC Combined Equipment Cabinets

Combined Equipment Cabinets (CEC Type Cabinet)

Modular Cabinet Construction The Crown CEC cabinet has been designed to allow a host of different configurations, this is achieved with a simple modular bay system. A range of different bay types are available and these bays can be bolted together to form a variety of different cabinet configurations. This... (Read More)

Crown International Slip Road Pole

Slip Road Pole

The Slip Road Pole is based on our already proven CESS Pole it allows the user to lower a variable message motorway sign down to ground level for maintenance. It is mounted at the side of the carriage way and is commonly used on slip roads in conjunction with our VMC Pole™ on the main... (Read More)

Crown Internationals Enclosures and Cabinets

Enclosures and Cabinets

Roadside Cabinets Crown has been designing/manufacturing cabinets for over 15 years using materials such as Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Mild Steel. Almost every speed camera enclosure in the UK has been supplied by Crown International. They are offered in a wide range of finishes including metal sprayed, galvanised or painted to... (Read More)

Crown Internationals Gantry Pole

Gantry Pole

From 2001 Crown worked closely with Network Rail in designing a gantry signal post based on a counterbalanced design – giving the train driver a clearer sighting of the signal and the maintainer similar Health and Safety enhancements. Over 300 of these units have been installed on the West Coast... (Read More)

Crown Internationals CESS Pole


The Crown counter balance CESS Pole is permanently installed at trackside on a concrete or pile foundation. They are available in heights to suit the specific location and signal requirements. Adopted from the Roadside Crown Pole™  this design feature a counter balance lowering mechanism which enables ground level access operated by... (Read More)

Crown Internationals Crown Pole

Crown Pole

Unique design features have made the Crown Pole™ the most successful roadside safety camera enclosure, both in the UK and worldwide. With over 6000 installations it established Crown International as a world leader in the design and manufacture of both poles and cabinets for the roadside safety market. We supply... (Read More)

Crown Internationals Fixed Pole

Fixed Pole

This product is one of the only poles we design/manufacture which excludes the requirement for the lowering of equipment to maintenance level. Currently used by Redspeed International throughout Europe this design is aimed at “fit & forget” camera installations with many hundreds of installations in the London area alone. RedSpeed™... (Read More)

Crown International Mobile Equipment

Mobile Equipment

Due to the vast experience at Crown International, we are able to produce bespoke products to suit the clients needs, these often include designing mobile versions of a clients existing product. Crown International have designed and built GATSO camera trailers, tripod equipment for mobile speed cameras and have designed many... (Read More)