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M25 contract

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Crown wins M25 contract

Bristol manufacturer Crown International is celebrating a successful 2015 with a second contract win to support the Smart Motorways (previously Managed Motorways) speed-enforcement programme.

The Portishead-based business already provides road-side poles for overhead cameras on the M6 and M1 motorways and has now secured a contract with Redflex Traffic Systems to supply poles for its Highways Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System (HADECS) 3 system on the M25.

The road-side poles support dual radar cameras, which automatically adjust to changes in the flexible speed limit in force at the time and monitor up to five lanes of traffic at once.

The cameras, which can also be mounted on overhead gantries, are smaller than traditional speed cameras and grey rather than yellow, leading to comments they are harder for motorists to spot than traditional cameras.

Mark Stacey, managing director of Crown International, said: “This contract is great news for the business and further enhances our reputation as one of the leading providers of road-side safety equipment in the country.

“With our in-house design and manufacturing capability, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve the design of road-side equipment – improving safety for maintenance operatives as well as reducing maintenance costs for operators.

“This contract is testament to the positive reputation our team now enjoys – designing and delivering equipment that not only performs well on a day-to-day basis but also improves safety, cost and convenience for both our customers and the wider public.”

Working for highway authorities, leading service companies and technology firms, Crown International designs, develops and manufactures innovative road and rail safety equipment to meet the need for secure, easily maintained installations in urban, rural and motorway locations.

With more than 6000 installations across the world, it has become the world leader for the design and manufacture of poles and cabinets for the road traffic safety market. For further information, visit