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Design and Manufacturing Services

Crown International have a highly skilled, multi-disciplinary work force that are able to take any project from concept to reality.

Our in-house design engineering staff can design and visualise concepts using sketches and computer renderings then working closely with the client, use our knowledge and experience to develop the project until the desired product is ready for manufacture.

Using the latest CAD software we are able to reduce the cost of development, whilst maintaining accuracy and quality.

Concept Sketching


CIHT Award

Intertraffic Innovation Award

Design Generation

At Crown International we work closely with our clients to outline a detailed product specification, we gather all the facts and document it in a clear specification document. When this has been obtained the project will enter the initial concept phase. Using a diverse range of idea generation techniques our design team will produce a wide range of concepts. We communicate our concepts to the client using sketches, sketch renderings and quick CAD models.

Our ability to produce these quick sketches and CAD models allows us to liaise efficiently with our clients during this highly iterative process.

Design for Manufacture

Designing an innovative product is one thing, but ensuring that it will be efficient and cost effective to manufacture is another. Our design team have the latest engineering software to ensure that each part is manufactured accurately. They use clever techniques that allow the manufacturing team to fabricate parts like a jigsaw puzzle, slotting parts together to ensure speed, accuracy and repeatability.

Computer Aided Design Development

Our highly skilled design team use the latest 3D engineering software to digitally prototype the concept into a manufacture ready product. They can use the system to analyse part interaction, weight, centre of gravity, strength and its overall design aesthetics helping them to reduce development times considerably. They can also digitally simulate sheet metal production using the correct bending tools and export accurate flat patterns ready for laser cutting.

Engineering/Manufacture Drawings – Drafting

This digital model then allows them to quickly export part, fabrication and even exploded assembly engineering drawings, helping speed up the manufacturing process.

FEA Design Simulation – Engineering Analysis

We also offer FEA simulation; this software gives an in-depth analysis of kinds of stresses and strains the product may experience, it helps rule out structural failure of a product or part at the early stages of the development.


Manufacturing a prototype allows us and our clients to get hands on with the product; it enables us to spot any ergonomic and physical issues that may have been difficult to locate on a digital model.

We can then go back to our digital model solve any issues we may have found and fine tune it for full scale manufacture.

We can manufacture both full size and scaled prototypes for our clients; these often then go on to be used at exhibitions and for IP testing.


We are a British manufacturer who takes pride in the quality of our products, using the latest engineering technology to produce precision engineered components.

Experienced Manufacturing Team

We design, manufacture and assemble our products on site; our manufacturing team has experience of over 200 years. This experience combined with a flexibility of mind and approach means that they are willing and able to take on the toughest of projects.

Engineering Documentation

Whilst the manufacturing is being done, our design team put there mind to developing the other outputs for the client, they will produce detailed  user manuals, maintenance manuals, specification sheets, general arrangement engineering drawings and other key documents that the client will need to accompany there product.