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Crown\Redflex Pilot new equipment for motorways

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Crown in collaboration with Redflex and Telent have supplied new equipment for the HADECS pilot scheme. Working on two new concepts, Crown’s design and fabrication teams have built an EAV pole with top bar mount to take multiple equipment arrays and a universal ¬†Gantry Clamp, which will allow different equipment platforms to be deployed onto the existing infrastructure. Both designs were created with input from Redflex and Telent to assist our in house design team to come up with new and unique solutions.

The Gantry Clamp, can be used on both square and circular section gantry legs and is built to be able to take a variety of different platforms. As such it has a broad range of applications and can be customised as needed.

The EAV pole also has further potential uses and can be built to given heights dependent on the application.

Both products are IP protected and HA Approved.