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CIHT Annual Seminar

Crown International to Present at CIHT Seminar

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Following on from the successful completion of the VMC Project on the M4, Crown International has been invited to present a technical paper on the design, build and implementation of the VMC Pole at University of Glamorgan on November 18th.
The title of the presentation will be “From Snake Oil to Reality” and it will chart the story of the VMC Pole through custom design, manufacture and installation. It will demonstrate how using in house skills in design and world leading expertise in counter balanced technology an innovative solution has been delivered which has both cost saving and harm reducing benefits.

The VMC Pole was designed and manufactured at Crown International, it is a revolutionary new pole that holds many types of traffic products including variable message signs, CCTV cameras, ANPR cameras and tolling equipment. Its prime feature is the ability to rotate from over the road and then lower down into the verge to allow easy access at ground level for maintenance and repair.

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