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Crown launches pole installation service

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Portishead-based Crown International, which designs and manufactures road and rail-side safety equipment, has launched a new installation service to help contractors meet growing demand for its road-side poles.

The poles, which are used to mount a variety of road-side cameras and other safety equipment, have been in particular demand over recent months as Highways England rolls out its Smart Motorways scheme across the network.

However, the scale of the programme has created challenges for contractors who need to recruit specialist teams to install this key equipment.

Mark Stacey, managing director of Crown International, said: “Our road-side poles have proved particularly popular due to their unique safety features and low life-in service and maintenance costs.

“The variable height, dual unit enabled PTZ mast is currently being deployed across a number of Smart Motorways schemes but, the volumes involve mean the availability of specially-qualified contractors to manage the installation of the poles could delay completion.

“At Crown, we have the appropriate skills and qualifications in house and decided to launch this new service to help both Smart Motorways contractors and other key customers meet the growing demand for our equipment. We have installed both our own manufactured poles but also poles for other companies who require the expertise that we can provide.”

The PTZ masts measure between 7.5m and 15 metres in height and are installed on pre-prepared bases. The Crown team is currently able to install poles measuring from 3m up to 18 metres in height.