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Crown celebrates Level Crossing trial success

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Leading road and rail traffic safety manufacturer Crown International is celebrating the successful delivery and completion of a two-year, national pilot project for the installation of 54 Level Crossing Enforcement Smart Poles across the UK.

The pilot project was part of Network Rail’s £130m National Level Crossing Safety Improvement Programme, delivered to improve the safety of the public at level crossings following 97 deaths in the 10 years to March 2014.

Network Rail is now looking to extend the technology with rollout to be delivered over the next three years.

The Smart Poles are used to mount digital safety-camera equipment to support motorist cameras that dissuade jumping of the lights. The design also allows roadside maintenance by a single operative, reducing the need for costly rail closures and improving safety for maintenance workers.

Mark Stacey, managing director of Crown International, said: “This is a very important programme of works that aims to improve safety at level crossings and, in turn, minimise risk.

“Our Level Crossing Enforcement Smart Poles are bespoke, the next generation of roadside health and safety equipment. Compared to traditional road and railside fixed enforcement equipment, the Smart Pole offers quick and effortless access for removal and repair, with the ability to lower the camera equipment to ground level making it a low-cost and safer maintenance option.”

Working for highway authorities, leading service companies and technology firms, Crown International designs, develops and manufactures innovative road and rail safety equipment to meet the need for secure, easily maintained installations in urban, rural and motorway locations.

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