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Crown International Announce New CCTV Pole Range

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Over the past year Crown International has been designing and developing a series of new products to add to the ever growing product portfolio, the latest addition is the new range of CCTV Poles.

Crown have been looking at getting into the CCTV pole market for a while but have not had a set of products to offer the their clients. However the development of this new CCTV pole range gives Crown the opportunity to supply CCTV pole solutions for a wide range of applications.

This new range includes 3 main types of poles:

Fixed CCTV Pole

The fixed CCTV camera pole is a standard pole, it does not allow ground level access to the equipment, but there is a built in cabinet at the base of the pole to mount electrical equipment. This pole is available in a large variety of heights ranging from 4 meters up to 9 meters, but is also available in custom heights to suit requirements. The pole can also be fitted with a washer jet to clean the camera lens.

Hinged CCTV Pole

The hinged CCTV pole looks similar to the fixed version, however it folds over just above the cabinet. This allows ground level access to the camera for maintenance or repair. This pole much like the fixed version also comes with a large cabinet for fitting electrical equipment and can be fitted with a washer jet to clean the camera lens remotely.

Lowering CCTV Pole

The lowering CCTV pole also allows ground level access to the mounted CCTV camera. However the pole does not fold over like the hinged pole, instead it lowers the camera equipment straight down, this means it requires a smaller obstacle free footprint.

The Pole is completely hand driven, no electrical or hydraulic systems just a simple counter-weight system the allows a single operative to quickly lower the camera by hand.

Much like the standard and hinged CCTV pole it has a large cabinet at the bottom of the pole to store electrical equipment and has the option to have a remote controlled wash jet to clean the camera lens.

To find out more and download a spec sheet see the CCTV Poles page.