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Aeolus Wind Pavilion

Aeolus Wind Pavilion Update

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Earlier this year Crown International announced that they will be manufacturing the acoustic tube sections of the Aeolus Acoustic Pavilion.

After a few months of planning and preparation the 165 polished stainless steel steel sheets arrived and fabrication of the 340 tubes is now under way.

The Aeolus Wind Pavilion has been designed allow you to hear the silent shifting patterns of the wind whilst also tunnelling light from the surrounding landscape enabling you view the changing scenery.

Luke Jerram gave the below interview a few months ago where he explains his inspiration for this sculpture.

For more infomation on the Aeolus Wind Pavllion see Luke Jerram dedicated website

See the orignal news story on the announcement of  Crown International taking on the Aeolus Wind Pavilion Project