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Aeolus – Acoustic Wind Pavilion

Aeolus – Acoustic Wind Pavilion

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Crown International are proud to announce that they will be a part of Luke Jerram’s Acoustic Wind Pavilion project – Aeolus.

Aeolus – Acoustic Wind Pavilion is a project by Luke Jerram into acoustics, wind, architecture and light. A viewer stands underneath the arch and can explore the surrounding landscape in a entirely new way. The structure will make audible the otherwise silent wind patterns by humming low frequencies, allowing the listener to hear every slight change in the wind. The tubes will also channel light down from the sky and surrounding landscape displaying an inverted and magnified view. As the wind and sky changes throughout the day the experience within the pavilion will dramatically change for the viewing public.

Crown International will be contributing to the project by fabricating the 310 stainless steel internally polished tubes that will be drawing the surrounding light and wind acoustics into the viewing arch.

Once completed the pavilion will be touring the UK before finally being installed permanently somewhere in the UK.

Bristol with Watershed.
Canary Wharf London.
Liverpool Biennial, located in Everton Park.
The Eden Project celebrating its 10th birthday.

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